katapult:now started in 2016 as a network of curious generalists and systems thinkers. Our objective is to understand and shape the opportunities of technology in order to contribute towards a positive impact of technology on the world.

Transformation by action

We do this by working with organisations to support them in navigating the increasing and disruptive speed of exponential technologies while gearing themselves towards positive impact on the planet.

85 QUestions

And we do this by fostering and enabling entrepreneurial activity towards making the planet a good place through facilitating concrete answers to the most important questions of our time.


One of the more pressing questions of how we want to organise ourselves as a society gets addressed in the conference europX which started as the “disrupt populism demoday” in 2017.


We see many initiatives, individuals, organisations, spaces revolving around the question of how to create a good planet. One shared aspect of these is the scarce resources they have. With nextland we make it easy to share resources.


Narratives form the way we see the world. With 50YH we address the question of which future is worth building in the form of an un-book.


Is an easy to implement activity for everyone on the planet to copy and build on, aimed at raising consciousness about the fact that we all share one home and the same human conditions with all other humans.


We love being challenged in our thinking and our ability to solve problems by anyone who brings pizza and beer for one evening along with a really exciting challenge!


All of this is not possible in a digital world without an agreement on how we interact and respect one another.