85 Questions - a project of katapult:now

The sustainable development goals provide a great framework of thinking about the action that needs to be taken on the planet in order to rebalance and preserve living conditions on earth. Unfortunately they do not provide inspiration.

Humans understand the world through stories. The story told by the SDGs is that the world is broken and needs to be fixed. This not only goes far beyond what most humans can stomach but it very often also has no direct connection to the life of almost everyone.



A compelling story of the SDGs would describe a future in which all SDGs have been solved. Not only is this an incredibly complex task, but it by definition has to describe a world inherently different from the one we currently inhabit.

When John F. Kennedy unlocked the scientific, entrepreneurial and social energy of the US towards a common goal, it was a comparatively easy task. There was a clear opponent, a clear goal and one economy and society that he could influence directly.

Doing the same on a global scale with complex problems without clear opponents with different cultures, needs and fears in very hard. But it is doable.

We imagine a world in which every human on the planet is equally wealthy on all five layers of Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs.

While this story might be compelling, it also suffers from similar challenges as the SDGs. It is very hard to turn it into action by itself.


The Framework

We believe that it is possible to create an action inspiring narrative with a small intervention by adding Maslows Hierarchy Of Needs as a second layer to the SDGs they not only become more digestible and actionable, but more importantly they also become more human.

This results in questions like: "What does No Poverty look like on the level of Love and Belonging Needs?" or "What does Quality Education look like on the level of Safety Needs?" or "What does Gender Equality look like on he level of Physiological Needs?".


In order to provide compelling images for each of these 85 questions, we will gather the brightest minds on the planet around each question and immerse into a powerful future scenario building process - Future Modeling []

The results of these workshops will be made public and individuals, teams and organisations will be invited to use the outcome to start building towards making the future a good place.

One of these teams will receive seed funding for building a first MVP of their answer.

In order to finance the process we invite individuals, for- and non profit organisations and governments to become the custodian of one of the questions by contributing 85.000.- EUR. This money will be used to invite the participants for building the scenarios and for facilitating the process. The rest of the contribution will be invested in one of the teams. We expect to be able to invest roughly 50.000.- EUR per team for a 8.5% equity stake.