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Frank wernecke

Franks area of expertise is accelerating change by ideation and developing sound storylines. He has been working at the intersections of digitization, sustainability, and communications for more than 20 years.

Today he is focussing on the development of vertical mobility across all sectors. Frank is CEO and founder of DroneMasters, a consultancy focusing on vertical mobility and drones. His focus is company building and kicking off new aerial business models. He is convinced that vertical mobility is key to solving significant sustainability challenges of our planet.

Frank has organized numerous events, which have reached up to 100,000 participants. With meetups and conferences, he has created the most significant cross-industry network of experts and enthusiasts, who are actively shaping the development and the use of drones.

Frank hosted the first conferences on drones in logistics, transportation, and mobility in Europe. He organized the first major indoor drone race in Germany and invented the dronathon, a marathon for industrial drones, which was acknowledged by the World Airsports Association FAI in 2018.

Many years Frank was a member of the research group Ethical-Ecological Rating at the Goethe-University Frankfurt.  Today he is a partner of the steering committee of TEDxBerlin and also a founding partner of katapult: NOW. In 2017, he was appointed to the steering committee of the UAV Advisory Board of the German Federal Ministry of Transport.

Frank lives in Berlin, is married, father of three children, and enjoys running marathons.