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Marion King

For almost 20 years, Marion has been working on how people can work well together. Her key topics are digitization and the desig of desirable work futures. She is an experienced consultant, facilitator, coach and trainer in the field of transformation, organizational and team development, leadership and communication. In 2015, with Les Enfants Terribles, she founded a school, initiative and community to support people in contributing to a better working world. Marion holds a degree in Business Administration. She is trained in Systemic Process Consulting and Coaching, Change Management, Organizational Constellation, Transactional Analysis and Design Thinking. Prior to her self-employment, she was for many years a Head of Human Resources.
With her experience and her knowhow, Marion is one of the pioneers in the field of "New Work". She is a speaker on this topic and is the publisher of, a magazine for good new work.