the Mindset

We believe that people with an entrepreneurial mindset can meet and solve the grandest challenges, just like they have done throughout history of humanity. We observe that today the opportunities and challenges both grow at exponential rates. Seizing the former and solving the latter requires innovators and entrepreneurs who are capable of seeing the big picture, understanding the trajectories pointing into the future and to humbly build first steps in the right direction with agility and at great speed and force.

Much of the required energy needed is currently hidden in plain sight. We help to ignite and unleash it and meet it with knowledge about deep tech where necessary, give it direction by embedding future-DNA into early approaches and guiding teams of innovators and entrepreneurs through proven processes and methodologies into transformation by action. 

Navigating the innovator's dilemma is never easy and surely does not work by powerpoint. Instead, accelerated learning must happen by first hand experience outside of the individuals and the organisational comfort zone. Moving into the uncomfort zone of innovation provides the impact of action needed for real transformation.

the Framework

The katapult:now „Transformation by Action“ – framework is a lean and adaptive roadmap to enable corporations of all sizes to unlock their entrepreneurial superpowers. Programs follow a 3-step approach and guarantee hands-on, Powerpoint-free results and longterm impact on innovation processes, skills & culture.

The framework builds on the capacities of the katapult:now network and beyond. We cover broad ranges of expertise, knowledge and modules that can be configured into a program of elements that are best suited for the individual setup and configuration of the organisation we work with.

The program architecture is developed in tandem and cooperation with a team within the organisation - "Flight Control” which takes the lead over the implementation with the support of katapult:now where and when needed.

In order to ensure structured access to the network, the modules and ongoing development Flight Control receives direct access to the network and resources.

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